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Paints and Lacquers

plasticizers for lacquers

BREMASIN 1205Rosin EsterPlastification component for NC- and 2K-lacquer systems as well as flexo printing inks, tackifier in adhesives, in water based adhesives for improvement of the initial tack
ROKRALUX E 145Alkyd Resin, medium oilPlasticizer and pigment grinding resin for flexo and rotogravure inks, also suitable for pigment pastes, high pigmented NC-combination lacquers for wood and metal with excellent gloss and light resistance, combination resin for sealing compounds and ball point inks
ROKRALUX FM 152Oil modified Polyester ResinCombination resin for coating systems, also high solid, for improvement of adhesion and flexibility, especially for ecological applications, plasticizer and wetting resin for offset inks and overprint lacquers
ROKRALUX R 152Alkyd Resin, medium oilCombination resin for flexible NC-systems, acid curing lacquers, plasticizer and wetting resin in flexo and gravure inks, combination partner for 2K-PUR printing inks and lacquers for improvement of gloss
ROKRALUX RM 145Oil modified Polyester ResinAdhesion promotor and wetting resin for flexo and gravure inks, plastification component in 2K-PUR coating systems for improvement of (intercoat-) adhesion
ROKRALUX VP 5797Alkyd Resin, medium oilPlasticizing and pigment dispersion resin with low migration and high molecular weight for printing inks and lacquers containing NC and PVB, light resistant combination partner for 2K-PUR systems for improvement of flexibility and gloss, pigment pastes and inks
ROKRAPOL 1130Polyester Resin, hydroxyl-terminatedPolyol component in 2K-PUR systems for improvement of flexibility, e.g. in solvent free sealing compounds, in NC-lacquers and printing inks for improvement of flexibility and adhesion, non migrating plasticizer
ROKRAPOL 1330Polyester Resin, hydroxyl-terminatedHighly reactive, light stable polyol component in 2K-PUR systems, especially for solvent free compounds, in 2K-high solids for increasing the solid content
ROKRAPOL VP 3529Polyester Resin, hydroxyl-terminatedLow viscous polyol component in 2K-PUR systems for improvement of flexibility, in 2K-high solids for increasing the solid content, non migrating plasticizer in NC-combination systems

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