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Rosin Esters

Rosin esters are hard and soft resins based on gum rosin, which are mainly used as adhesion resins (tackifier) in adhesives, but also in coatings.

They are produced through the esterification of rosin with monovalent and polyvalent alcohols.

They are formulating ingredients in adhesives such as hot melt adhesives (100% systems), aqueous and solvent-based adhesives as well as particularly in flooring adhesives: Low-VOC grades according to EC1+ and Blue Angel Eco-Norm (RAL-113) are available.

Due to the residual hydroxyl groups rosin esters may be used in 2K-PUR systems for improvement of adhesion. The hard glycerine and penta esters are also applied as adhesion resins in road marking paints, coatings and sealants as well as in oil cookings and printing inks.

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