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Radiation-curing UV Resins

Improvement of wetting, adhesion, hardness, reactivity and flexibility on metal and plastics

With their product group Rokracure, Robert Kraemer GmbH & Co. KG provides main binders, combination resins and adhesion resins for radiation curing UV applications. In this Rokracure product group, you will find radical as well as cationic curable UV resins which you may use e.g. in formulations of UV lacquers, UV printing inks or UV glues.

By using Rokracure resins, you can sustainably improve a number of parameters in your UV systems, such as adhesion, wetting, hardness and reactivity. In addition, the ecological advantage of these “green” resins is that next to their good properties, they also provide a high portion of renewable raw materials for your system. All this is possible through unique chemical structures, which you will only find in resins made by Robert Kraemer.

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