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Special applications

under car body coatings

BREMAZIT 5015ResinateCombination resin for oil- and alkyd lacquers for improvement of pigment wetting, hardness and drying, for production of hard oils, flooring and sanding lacquers, binder for antifouling paints, adhesives and publication gravure inks
BREMAZIT 5060ResinateGrinding resin for publication gravure inks with excellent pigment wetting, especially suitable for yellow and cyan pigments, and fast drying, in undersealings as hard wetting additive
ROKRALUX LM 160Alkyd Resin, long oilBinder for book printing and offset inks with good flow and wetting, the printing ink dries fast, hard and shows simultaneous high gloss properties with good scratch resistance, wood lacquers with optimized drying and hardness properties, suitable as wood oil substitute
ROKRALUX S 286Alkyd Resin, long oilFast drying, good wetting binder for transparent varnishes, pigment pastes and preservative systems with high resistance properties

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