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Special applications

sealants / putties

BREMAR 9015Modified Rosin EsterHydrophobic agent in sealants, elastification and adhesion improvement of lacquers and printing inks, tackifier for adhesives
ERKAMAR 2100Maleic ResinCombination resin for oil- respectively alkyd resin lacquers for improvement of hardness, gloss and drying properties, as well as for NC-combination lacquers, printing inks and adhesives
ERKAMAR 2110Maleic ResinCombination resin in oil- and alkyd resin systems, for painting- and industrial lacquers as well as for NC-combination lacquers and furniture glues
ERKAMAR 2200Maleic ResinHigh melting combination partner for fast drying weather and light resistant oil- and alkyd lacquers as well as NC-combination lacquers, in printing inks as dispersing resin for Miloriblue pigments
ROKRALUX E 145Alkyd Resin, medium oilPlasticizer and pigment grinding resin for flexo and rotogravure inks, also suitable for pigment pastes, high pigmented NC-combination lacquers for wood and metal with excellent gloss and light resistance, combination resin for sealing compounds and ball point inks
ROKRALUX LM 160Alkyd Resin, long oilBinder for book printing and offset inks with good flow and wetting, the printing ink dries fast, hard and shows simultaneous high gloss properties with good scratch resistance, wood lacquers with optimized drying and hardness properties, suitable as wood oil substitute
ROKRALUX VP 5797Alkyd Resin, medium oilPlasticizing and pigment dispersion resin with low migration and high molecular weight for printing inks and lacquers containing NC and PVB, light resistant combination partner for 2K-PUR systems for improvement of flexibility and gloss, pigment pastes and inks

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