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Special applications

etch resist

BREMAR 9100Modified Rosin EsterElastification and adhesion improvement of water and solvent based lacquers and printing inks, tackifier for water based adhesives, broad compatibility with acrylic polymers and good adhesion on metal and foils
BREMAR VP 6559Modified RosinVery pale and crystallisation stable combination resin for special applications like pigment coating or soldering pastes
ERKAMAR 3300Modified RosinBinder for water and alcohol soluble flexo- and rotogravure inks, as well as for glycol soluble printing inks, inks for ball pen and jet ink applications and glues, resin for pigment coating
ERKAMAR VP 6737Modified RosinVery light, yellowing stable binder with low odour, additionally with wide solubility properties and high compatibility to polymers like CAB-, PVB- und NC, for inks like e.g. flexo, rotogravure or inkjet and after neutralisation for aqueous systems
ROKRACURE 1301Unsaturated Polyester Resin (UPE)Binder for alkali soluble etch-resist systems, additive for radiation curing lacquers, adhesives and printing inks

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