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Paints and Lacquers

wood finishes / glaze coates

BREMAPAL 1025Phenolic modified ResinIn combination with drying oils or alkyds for lacquer- and printing ink systems for improvement of through-drying, weather resistance, surface hardness and gloss
BREMAR 8590Alkyd Resin, long oilFast drying, elastic hard oil for high quality coatings and for impregnation of wooden surfaces, the films are open-porous and water resistant
KRAMOREX VX 5358Urethane AlkydBinder for wood and parquet lacquers with fast drying, high flexibility and water resistance
KRAMOREX VX 6197Urethane AlkydOxidative drying binder with very quick surface and through drying, in addition to high hardness very good resistance properties, especially against oils and solvents will be obtained, very suitable as binder for anticorrosion and electronic applications
KRAMOREX VX 6722Alkyd Resin, long oilVery fast drying urethane oil for glaze coats and protective oils as well as for parquet roller coatings with high solid content, very good water resistance and hardness increase, suitable for all types of wood
ROKRALUX S 286Alkyd Resin, long oilFast drying, good wetting binder for transparent varnishes, pigment pastes and preservative systems with high resistance properties
ROKRALUX SE 158 WAlkyd Resin, long oilElastic aqueous wood lacquers and glaze coats for interior and exterior usage with high yellowing and weathering stability
ROKRALUX SE 180Alkyd Resin, long oilEcological high solid lacquers and wood stains with low odour, good drying and high water resistance
ROKRALUX SM 160Alkyd Resin, long oilBinder for book printing and offset inks with good pigment wetting and optimized water balance, the printing inks dry fast and hard and show additionally to high gloss properties good scratch resistances, light stable wood lacquers with good drying and hardness properties
ROKRALUX SM 165Alkyd Resin, long oilLight stable binder for transparent lacquers and offset inks with good wetting and flow properties
ROKRALUX SM 170Alkyd Resin, long oilLow viscous binder for transparent lacquers and pigment pastes with excellent wetting and flow behaviour, in offset inks for adjustment of viscosity and tack
ROKRALUX SM 178Alkyd Resin, long oilVery low viscous, good wetting binder with comparatively fast drying and high hardness for transparent varnishes, preservative coatings and pigment pastes, in offset and screen inks for adjustment of viscosity and tack
ROKRALUX VP 3982Alkyd Resin, long oilEcological high solid lacquers and transparent varnishes with comparatively quick drying and high hardness, oil substitute in offset and screen inks for adjustment of vicosity and tack, suitable as standoil substitute

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