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Polyesters are manufactured by the condensation of poly alcohols with poly carboxylic acid and respectively their anhydrides.
The huge amount of available alcohols and acids enables the development of polyester resins with very different properties for several applications.
The Rokrapol products are hydroxyl and/or carboxyl functional, linear or branched. Solid and liquid polyesters are available as well as diverse solution forms.

The main field of application are most types of 2K-PUR systems like lacquers, overprint varnishes, printing inks, adhesives, sealing compounds etc.
Polyester resins are also used in lacquers (NC-lacquers, stoving lacquers, wood lacquers) and inks (Jet Inks).

The carboxyl functional types of the 7000-series are water soluble after neutralisation and therefore also suitable for water based systems.

Special Polyesters from Robert Kraemer have a high amount of renewable resources. Some are up to 100% based on renewables.

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