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Alkyd Resins

Manufactured throug esterification alkyd resins can be defined as fatty acid modified polyester resins which are widely-used binders since years. These resins are characterized by excellent wetting, adhesion, flexibility gloss and resistances. Depending on the used vegetable oils and fatty acids long, medium or short oil alkyds can be manufactured which are oxidative, oven or non-dryable.

They are not only applied in wood paints and glaze coats but also in printing inks like offset inks, stamping and pen inks, 2K-PUR-systems, NC-lacquers, sealing compounds, stoving and anticorrosion lacquers. Due to their flexible structure alkyd resins can be used as low migration plasticizers and wetting agents in NC-lacquers and printing inks.

With Kraemer-specific modifications not only application-technical properties of the alkyd resins are optimised, also the amount of renewable resources is enlarged. So under the same brand “Rokralux” are binders available with renewable raw material contents up to 100%. Those ecological binders can be used in aqueous as well as in solvent based systems. They are distinguished by quick drying, good yellowing and weather resistances. They are notably applied in “ecological” glaze coats, protective oils, hard oils, paints and lacquers for interior and exterior use.

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