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Special modified rosin / varnishes / ketonic resins / epoxy resins

Within the Bremar-series there are a lot of different special resins summarised.

Rosin (colophony) is available from different growing areas and in a lot of different modifications. Common modifications are for example non-crystallizing, non-oxidizing, light-coloured or polymerised rosin. Modified, acetous rosin esters of the Bremar 9000-series offer besides the excellent tack properties the opportunity for the use in aqueous systems. Pure rosin and its modifications are used in a very broad field of applications in the adhesive, lacquer and printing ink industries.

Our varnishes / oil cookings are made of natural oils which are cooked with rosin based resins. These varnishes have different advantages over classic stand oils like better resistance, drying or hardness. They are used in different applications, for example printing inks, lacquers, glazes or wood oils.

Ketonic resins are used mainly in non-yellowing inks, pigment pastes, flexible printing inks and 2K-PURSystems. They are soluble in alcohol and due to their broad compatibility suitable as combination resins in NC-Systems.

The partially esterified epoxy resins of the Bremar-series are recommended as combination resins for all kind of epoxy-systems, for exaple based on BADGE or BFDGE. Different characteristics of such epoxy-systems can be modified selective by using those modified epoxy-resins. They offer improved flexibility, adhesion, wetting or crack bridging.

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