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Everything for our customers!
In order to be able to offer you even better products in the future, we are building a new production facility. We are proud to present the construction progress to you.

In the picture you can see the status from July 4th 2021.

In the meantime, more than a year has passed since the groundbreaking ceremony on 05.06.2020. The construction of our new plant is progressing.

More and more parts can be seen. On the right the office wing and the future laboratories, in the middle the actual production facilities and on the left premises for the filling plants are being built.

It started almost exactly one year ago. Here is the progress since then:


More Information?

Robert Kraemer's press release on the start of construction on May 14, 2020 

Press release: start of building


2022 it should look like this :

Zum Roten Hahn 9
D-26180 Rastede
Fon: +49 4402 9788-0
Fax: +49 4402 9788-222

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