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Binder for markers and paint inks

KRAEMER has developed a new binder based on renewable raw materials, which can primarily be used as a substitute for the petrostatic binders normally found in marker inks as a higher-quality type in terms of application technology. The product called Bremar SP 9494 dries moderately with a balance between hardness and flexibility without becoming brittle and is easy to overwrite. In addition, the particularly high water resistance, the very good adhesion and the good gloss give your product significantly improved properties. For easier handling, Bremar SP 9494 is supplied 70% dissolved in ethanol. The viscosity is 500-1000 mPa.s. It is therefore suitable for alcoholic printing inks - particularly suitable for inkjet, lacquer- and marker inks - and due to its broad compatibility it can also be used as a combination binder. With our new binder you improve the properties of your product.

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SP 9494 

Deivery form


70% in ethanol


500 - 1000


Acid number

110 - 130

mg KOH / g

Color number

max. 9

Gardner Color Standard

renewable materials 

92,8 %

Measured on the C-portion

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