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Polymer concrete and mineral casting

Robert Kraemer distributes new binders for the production of polymer concrete or mineral casting based on polyurethane chemistry.

The concrete / cement based on our binders show high compressive strength and flexural strength / tensile strength, significantly exceeding common concrete. In comparison to common polymer concrete based on unsaturated polyesters and styrene, binders by Robert Kraemer have significant advantages. Noteworthy are the improved chemical resistances, e.g. against biogenic sulfuric acid, which commonly cause problems during canal construction, as well as the anaerobic lactic acid fermentation which can be found in silage silos or bio gas plants.

The new polymer concrete is also well suited for high demands on machine groundings, due to its low shrinking properties. Last but not least, using the new Kraemer resins provides a great option to significantly increase the percentage of renewable raw materials in polymer concrete.

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