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Hybrid Rosin Esters – All-Rounders for Flooring Adhesives

A new generation of tackifiers – the hybrid resin esters with hard and soft segments allow an optimum combination of tack, adhesion and requested open time. The complex manufacturing of resin melts from hard resins and low viscous melting resins is therefore obsolete.

The hybrid resins Bremasin VP 6160, VP 6201 and VP 6300 are well flowable at temperatures over 40° C and can be worked easily into adhesive formulations. Besides adhesive advantages, the high functionality also enables good emulsifiability and optimum filler wetting. The different properties of the four variants offer an interesting modular system to the adhesive formulator.

Bremasin VP 6160 has a very high green and maximum tack. Bremasin VP 6300 impresses with an outstanding long open time and a great maximum tack. Bremasin VP 6201 offers, besides a long open time and very good emulsifiability, the opportunity for usage in 2K-PUR-systems because of its hydroxyl-groups.

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