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Plasticization and wetting under one umbrella

The Robert Kraemer GmbH & Co.KG expands their delivery program by a non-drying, alcohol soluble alkyd resin based on special soft segments. Due to the composition and the molecular weight it
fulfils the regulations for food safety according to RL 2002/72/EG and FDA 175.300.
Rokralux VP 5797 is used as plasticizer and pigment dispersing resin with low migration in PVB and NC printing inks and lacquers, especially for food packaging.
It is eminently light-resistant and by reason of its defined OH-functionality it can also be used as combination partner for the improvement of flexibility and gloss in 2K-PUR systems. 
Due to very good wetting properties and the alcohol tolerance it is also suitable for pigment pastes and inks.

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