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Tackifier of Renewable Raw Materials

Tackifier (Rosin ester)

Robert Kraemer GmbH & Co. KG offers tackifiers in the substance grade of rosin esters, which consist at 100% of renewable raw materials. These tackifiers made of so-called renewable resources show excellent adhesion and are well-emulsifiable. They can be used as emulsions in aqueous glues. Besides their sustainability, the have a number of additional advantages. Because of their chemistry based on gum rosin, they show excellent wetting and resulting from that a high degree of fillers in adhesives. This saves money in the final product and is much more affordable than using regular tackifiers with bad wetting, which only allow for low filling degrees. In addition, they are widely compatible.

These rosin esters based on renewable raw materials are available with a very wide viscosity range. Very low viscous types are suitable particularly as melting resins, while high-viscous resin esters show particularly high tack values.

Robert Kraemer GmbH & Co. KG offers low-VOC adhesives, conform to the EC1-Norm and based on 100% renewable raw materials.

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