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Rosin Ester

Solid and soft resins based on gum rosin for use as a binder in adhesives, lacquers and printing inks.

In their product group BremasinRobert Kraemer GmbH & Co. KG offers rosin esters. Liquid to high viscous as well as solid rosin esters are available. These soft resins and solid resins are produced by branching of gum rosin with univalent and polyvalent alcohols. Most common are diethylene glycol, triethylene glycol glycerine and pentaerythritol rosin esters. As binders they are used in adhesives, lacquers and printing inks.

Rosin esters are often used as tackifiers. They are a main component during formulating of aqueous and solvent-based adhesives, particularly flooring adhesives. Low-VOC versions (EC1-norm) are also available. Linear rosin esters not only provide adhesion but also flexibility for the systems.

Through the rest content of hydroxyl groups (OH-functionality), rosin esters can also be used in 2K-systems (2K-PUR). The solid gum rosin esters (glycerine ester and penta ester) are also used as solid resins for improvement of adhesion and wetting in oil cookings and printing inks.

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