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Resinates (gum rosin salts) for use in antifouling and gravure printins inks, adhesives, lacquers and oil cookings

Resinates are the salts of the gum rosin. Under the product name BremazitRobert Kraemer GmbH & Co. KG provides magnesium, calcium and zinc resinates as well as mixed types. A resinate is usually completely made of mineral and renewable raw materials and therefore interesting for formulators of ecological systems.

Resinates are versatily applicable in binders, i.e. in self-polishing antifouling-paints, tackifiers for adhesives, as hard resin in lacquers and oil cooking as well as gravure printing inks and road marking paints. Besides being ecological and sustainable, resinates also show hardness as well as good wetting and drying. The attributes of paint, oil cooking and of adhesive or lacquer can therefore be significantly improved with these resins.

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