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RAL-conform Tackifiers for "blue angel"

Tackifier from the Bremasin product range with low VOC-content (EC1-norm) for flooring adhesives with "blue angel"

Robert Kraemer GmbH & Co. KG offers tackifiers in the substance class of rosin esters, which fulfill the EC1-standard while beingRAL-ZU 113 conform. They have low VOC-values and contain no oxidizable fatty acids or fatty acid esters, as stipulated in RAL-UZ 113 (blue angel) for low-emission flooring adhesives and other flooring materials.

Besides fulfilling EC1 and RAL norms, these special rosin esters of the Bremasin range show excellent adhesion values. Adhesion is comparable or even slightly improved compared to Robert Kraemer’s low-VOC rosin esters.

These tackifiers for flooring adhesives, which received the “blue angel”, are available as high-viscous as well as low-viscous types. The rosin esters with low viscosity can be used as a solvent agent, which is not only free of softeners and almost completely VOC-free, but additionally improves adhesion (adhesive properties).

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