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Phenolic Modified Rosin Esters

Rosin esters modified with phenol for use as binder for printing inks in sheet-fed and web offset print.

Under the product name BremapalRobert Kraemer GmbH & Co. KG offers a number of phenolic modified rosin esters. Binding agents are the result of the reaction of phenolic resin with gum rosin esters, which are especially used in offset printing inks as well as for the sheetfed and web-offset print. In these paints, gloss and drying is increased. Through their special gum rosin structure, these resins show good wetting in almost all pigments.

The parameters important for printing inks in the sheetfed and web-offset print, such as mineral oil tolerance (MOT), lacquer viscosity and tack, can be easily adjusted with the binders in the group of the phenolic resin modified rosin esters. The resins in the Bremapal series are available with a high as well as with a low mineral oil tolerance, high-viscous as well as low-viscous.

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