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Natural Resins

Use in oil cooking based on vegetable oils, resinates, resin esters and ketone resins for wood lacquers, wall colors, boat colors and glues

Robert Kraemer GmbH & Co. KG sells natural resins, which are mainly extracted from trees, as well as their natural derivates such as oil cookings based on vegetable oils, resinatesrosin esters and ketone resins. These natural resins are used as binders in wood coatings and wood lacquers as well as wall colors, boat colors and glues.

Other natural resins are secreted by plants or animals, for example shellac, which is secreted by the lac insect. Shellac is used as a natural resin in lacquers, sealing wax, furniture lacquers and polishes as well as kits to bond lighting agents (light bulbs).

Through skilled modification of tree lacquers, Robert Kraemer GmbH & Co. KG offers ecologial alternatives to above-mentionen application fields that are not subject to variations in the specificaitons, which is the case with natural resin.

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