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Maleic Resins

Binders for flexo inks, NC-lacquers, inks and jet inks, oil lacquers and alkyd resin systems

Under the brand name ErkamarRobert Kraemer GmbH & Co. KG sells a number of “maleic resins“ They are diels-adler-adducts of laevopimar acid of gum rosin with maleic acid or fumaric acid, which are completely or partially esterified with polyvalent alcohol. Maleic resins have different melting points and solubilities depending on their functionality. They are used as binders in solvent-based, as well as after neutralization in aqueous applications. Maleic resins are hard, oxidation-stable resins and improve wetting, adhesion and gloss. Alcohol and ester-soluble maleic resins are used in flexo inks, NC-lacquers, inks and jet inks. As hard resins in oil lacquers, benzole-soluble maleic resins also improve scratch-resistance. Maleic resins are succesfully used for for coating of the pigment surface during pigment creation and especially improve the color strength.

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