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Hydroxyl functional Polyester

OH-functional polyester (polyols) as a binder for use in lacquers, printing inks, adhesives and 2K-PUR systems

Under the product name RokrapolRobert Kraemer GmbH & Co. KG produces hydroxyl functional polyester. These polyester resins are linear and therefore flexible or branched and partially modified depending on their application. The main application areas for these OH-functional binders are lacquers (i.e. soft feeling, NC lacquers, wood lacquers, enamel), printing inks, adhesives, inks (also jet inks) or as hydroxyl component in cationic hardening systems. Also, these polyester polyols are the most important combination partner for Isocyanides in 2K-PUR (2-component polyurethane) systems.

Polyester by Robert Kraemer are available in common solvents (i.e. butyl acetate, ethyl acetate), as special solvents or also 100%. Therefore, they are well-suited as binders in high solid applications. Properties worth mentioning are good adhesion, gloss, flexibility and/or hardness (depending on the degree of branching) as well as wetting.

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