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Gum Rosin

Gum rosin from a supplier with over 50 years of experience in binder synthesis, also available specifically modified for your needs

Robert Kraemer GmbH & Co. KG has been working on producing binders on a gum rosin basis for more than 50 years. Under the brand name Bremar, Robert Kraemer sells resins of different origin and quality with excellent tack. Gum rosin has different properties, depending on their origin (China, Indonesia, Brazil, Honduras etc.). We can help you find the right resin for your application, whether it is for lacquers, printing inks or a different, special applications, such as soldering pastes, wood oils, bio paints or sealing waxes. 
Additionally, modified gum rosin is available. In case a lighter color is needed, Robert Kraemer offers lighter resins up to Gardner color number < 2. Specifically for flooring adhesives or other applications requiring crystallization stability, gum rosin is available that results in a stable solution and is not prone to crystallization. Furthermore, we have hydrogenated and disproportional resins in our delivery program.

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