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Binders of renewable raw materials

Binders suitable for formulating of lacquers, glazes as well as for use in hard oil or base oil

Under the brand name RokraluxRobert Kraemer GmbH & Co. KG produces binders based on renewable raw materials. These ecological binders can be used in aqeous as well as solvent-based systems. Besides their fast drying, they also show good light and water resistance and therefore weather resistance. They are mainly used in glazes and lacquers (wood lacquers).

Since the binders based on renewable raw materials are fast-drying, light-resistant, water-resistant and weather-resistant, they are suitable for use indoors and outdoors. Stand oils can be replaced by these binders and therefore the properties of the system can be improved. Some resins from the Rokralux range are also used in base oils, hard oils or in high-solid lacquers. They are odorless and form elastic to hard films, depending on the product.

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