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Alkyd Resins

Alkyd Resins for use in lacquers, wood varnishes and glazes

Alkyd resins are made from native oils and/or fatty acids such as soya bean oil, linseed oil, sunflower oil, castor oil and other oils or the respective fatty acids through condensation reactions of alcohols with acids. According to the raw materials used, these binders consist of up to 100% renewable raw materials.

One important characteristic is the oil length, which is classified as follows

Additionally, it is differentiated by drying characteristic:

Alkyd resins provide quicker oxidative drying compared to other native oils and show higher hardening as well as resistance, i.e. against water.

These alkyd resins can be used in combination with other binders, stand oils, oils and hard resins such as maleic resins or rosin esters for formulations of lacquers, i.e. wood lacquers, paints as well as parquet sealants, glazes, protection systems and natural alkyd resin lacquers. Additionally, alkyd resin emulsions for aqueous applications can be provided.


For more Information on alkyd resins please click here.

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