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Alkyd Resins

Alkyds by Robert Kraemer are used in lacquers, printing inks, inks and glazes as well as in special applications through modification.

Alkyd resins, which Robert Kraemer GmbH & Co. KG offers under the brand name Rokralux, are widely available binders. Alkyds show good wetting, adhesion, flexibility and gloss. Depending on the choice of oil and fatty acids, long oil, medium oil or short oil alkyd resins are produced, which are drying or non-drying. They are used not only in wood lacquers and glazes, but also in printing inks (especially offset print), inks, 2K-PUR-systems, NC-lacquers and enamel.

Because of their flexible structure, alcohol-soluble alkyds are often used as low-migration plasticizers and wetting agents, especially in packaging print (flexo print). They are also used in special applications, such as sealing agents, cavity sealing and corrosion protection.

Through Kraemer-specific modifications, the wetting properties (pigment wetting) of alkyd resins are significantly improved. Kraemer-alkyds are also great for use in high-solid and odourless systems.

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