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Our most important raw materials?

Rosin and Know-how.

Research & Development laboratory

Research & Development laboratory

For more than 60 years we have been producing rosin-based resins. And for more than 40 years we have been developing these resins ourselves. The field of research & development has always been an important and fascinating part of our business. Our R&D-team is well-prepared for researching special resins for customers, improving our existing solutions or dealing with requirements of the markets. Today we develop a myriad of varying resin-types for different applications. Besides the classical rosin-derivates we offer urethanes, polyesters, alkyds, UV-curing resins and other specialities.

For our qualified team of chemists, technicians and lab technicians we have several laboratories with modern equipment. Besides versatile analytical hardware our team has access to several pilot plants. They can be used for ensuring a problem-free upscaling as well as manufacturing small amounts of tailor-made resins for our customers.

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